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Do you Know that Andaman & Nicobar Islands is a group of over 572 beautiful  Islands ? These islands present a landscape of scenic and picturesque extravaganza, shimmering like emeralds in the Bay of Bengal.  Haven’t  you discoverd this amazing journey yet ? If you haven’t  did so, Book Haywizz Hotel Online with Roomcircle .

Haywizz-logoHaywizz Hotel in Andaman and Nicobar islands is now using RoomCircle Hotel Booking Engine.

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Pratiksha Himalayan Retreat Kausani

If you haven’t been to Kausani yet, this is the right time to visit one of the most beautiful places in the Himalayas with clear and unparalleled view of the snow covered Himalayas. Pratiksha Himalayan Retreat is easily the best hotel and resort in Kausani with luxurious rooms overlooking the himalayas.

Pratiksha uses RoomCircle’s Online Hotel Reservation Software for powering online bookings from its website.

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Social Media for Hotels – Questions to ask

Social media marketing can get you great results. It can also be extremely wasteful if you don’t target your spend to the right audience.

Start with your goals – what do you need it for? Are you a new hotel looking to spread awareness? Or do you need to get more repeat visits? Or you just added a new spa or a business center and you need to talk about it? Either ways, your message, media and audience is different.

Two, don’t forget to ask – how do I measure success? It is great to get your message across to a million people but not if you spent half a million doing it. Define your target audience profile, the numbers, the desirable actions you want from them and the cost with which all this should be achieved.

If these two things are taken care of, you are well on your way….


Social Media for Hotels

Using Social Media for Increasing Hotel Occupancy

As the summer holiday season comes to an end, most of our hotelier friends are worried about occupancy levels. Except those are using the social media. Social media like Facebook and YouTube are powerful ways to building a following and get repeat visits as well as new customers. Good reviews and comments from your happy customers can spread to more people. Plus, it gives you a cost effective way to spread your message at a low cost.

Join the fun with our Social Media packages, specially designed for hotels by our hospitality experts.


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Te Hotel New Delhi

.ImageTe Hotel, New Delhi is an old member of RoomCircle Booking Engine family. Hotel Te is a premium boutique hotel in Delhi, the capital city of India. All rooms being suites, Pind Balluchi Grille & Platter, Personal Concierge facility, Movie Library, In room Gymnasium, Masseurs on call etc. are some factors that make Te class apart. Te with its magnificent architect, undisputed comfort, immaculate services and warm hospitality has redefined perfection!  It promises its guests an unforgettable stay and a blissful experience.